About Shri Dinesh Kumar Ji

Shri Dinesh Kumar Ji

A Spiritual mentor & Life coach. Keenly involved in the spiritual growth of his students. Teach Upanishads & Karma Yoga. Mentor-Personal growth. Keynote speaker on ancient Indian wisdom. Conduct Online courses and Knowledge retreat at Rishikesh.

His more than 850 video documents are available on the YouTube channel gitaonline. The number of his students reaches out to several thousand. So far he has interpreted every single sloka of the first Seven chapters of the Shrimed Bhagavad Gita, under a series of dedicated lectures in Hindi and English language separately. Has created a cognitive manual upon Karma Yoga for professionals.

These days he is teaching Kathopanishad and Mandukya Upanishads through Online course.

His guided meditation sessions have been reported doing wonders with attendees of his live mediation sessions conducted every day in Brahma Muhurt.

Dinesh Ji's Knowledge retreat at Rishikesh