Ancient Indian Wisdom

  • This subject is an observation upon the dimensions of consciousness discovered and bequeathed to this world by Great Ancient Indian seers… The technocrats of consciousness...
  • We know them as Rishis;
  • Rishi; a word drawn from its basic 'Rritt'
  • Rritt means Cosmic law...
  • One who knows about the cosmic law is known as a Rishi
  • The subject of Ancient wisdom is a science

Endorsements by all modern sciences known as the science of frontiers; establish…

  1. Consciousness(awareness) is the subject for Human growth towards the ‘next dimension’.
  2. Consciousness (awareness) has a direct impact(relation) upon all elements of nature
  • Extension of Brain potential. (In general, massive region & features of the human brain remain unexplored)
  • Enhanced awareness about interaction with the ‘ Cosmic Intelligence’
(In general, massive region of the human brain remain unexplored)
  1. Justifiable Focus on multiple subjects
  2. Processing in better speed
  3. More of Retention
  4. New regions for new tracks in brain
Enhanced awareness about interaction with the 'Cosmic storehouse of Intelligence' leads towards…
  1. Intuitive inputs.
  2. Ideational process.
  3. Multidimensional comprehension of all subjects.
  4. Ability to manifest
  1. Higher restrain upon impulsive behaviour/response.
  2. Decision making through emotional intelligence.
  3. Unleash of True Will.
  4. Higher understanding about Harmony & co-existence.
  5. Creating positive changes at Physiological ends.
  6. Going beyond Leadership (By becoming aware & understanding that destiny & Free will coexist on basis of Option; take absolute responsibility of wrong/right or possible corrections in ones life.
  1. Conflict
  2. Negativism
  3. Monotony
  4. Depression
  5. Lethargy/Procratination
  6. Dissuasion
  7. Fragmented awareness
  8. Need of self approval
  9. Illegitimate Anxiety
  10. Unnecessary Fear
  1. Our subjects of teaching cover all the subjects mentioned under this presentation….
  2. Our teaching programs & retreats are created to justify each subject under our attention….
  3. The seeking has to inform about its particular Quest...