450 pages of a ‘cognitive manual’ created through an extensive research and experience of last 20 years with business leadership. This learning has impressed the business Leadership to look within for correction and expansiveness. Based upon a researched document published in October 2014, it has so far touched 15000 senior business minds. The immutable principles of this learning enabled each participant interiorize towards the realms of their ‘perceptions’ and enabled them inspect & correct their beliefs; in the light of the highest standards drawn from ancient knowledge of karmic principles, a mandation for any excelling business leadership in modern times.

The primary objective of this learning & training programs based upon it is to render ‘solutions to corporate Leadership’, vulnerable to termitic venom of time bound assignments, lack of clarity, pressing accountability, least control upon one’s work environs, Inner Conflict, Dichotomy, deep aspiration to grow & succeed, anxiety & stress.

The impact of the ‘aforesaid & unseen pressures arising out of professional life, infringes to act venomous into one’s harmony & thrive upon negative energy of ‘anxieties’ arising within one’s insight. The vibrating turbulence at a professional’s mental plane then furthers onward towards his/hers physical-mental health. Even while dispensing all normal routines throughout the day… an unknown suspension clouds one’s seat of awareness. The impacts of above fact reside within one; yet the source remains unnoticed by its true face.

This knowledge and training programs based upon it are an opportunity for professionals to identify and scrutinize the primary drivers of their perceptions that generate all ability to respond & experience occurrences of one’s life; in the light of ancient wisdom of ‘Karmic principles’.