However one may argue but the fact is that Mere attraction to a desire does not work; in fact the mystery is much more than it... A skillful Attention & a dedication of discipline through time; are the true compound of a fuel that- when appropriately mixed and charged to a desire... the desire then starts revealing positive results. This art is a learning about transforming a desire into a formidable force of True Will. The force of a transformed desire into a True Will is so powerful that it directly penetrates the script of a human destiny. The impact of True Will diffuses the command of ones destiny and replaces it by modified script, scripted in accordance to the mandate proposed by its beholder.

No aspect of nature can be engineered without the application of a technique and requisite energy. Forces like Wind, Gravity, Fire, Water etc. don't simply yield before humans to enable them do all wishful thinking. It takes adequate deployment of skill, planning and evaluation before any conclusive result appears. Likewise the ineffable force of human awareness too... requires a higher understanding about its constituents and the techniques that seek their deployment in order to create any change in the life of a human being. This book is all about learning and deployment of such techniques in a simple manner; for the alteration sought by any incumbent into the future script of one's life.

The esoteric learning upon the aforesaid subject has been stated with an extra-ordinary simplicity so that a reader unknowingly can understand and employ the deepest facts about alteration of human destiny. One immutable true fact must be brought to our notices... any force shall act in the capacity of an undeniable force, when it acquires highest scale of condensation. The question here is... How can we consolidate the ineffable force of our own 'awareness' so that it penetrates into the predicaments of our own future. This is an answer and a learning given in this very book.

My experience of teaching since more than 2 decades has given me a deep insight about subjects that mandate procedures to accomplish at the end of human insight. This book has been authored in the capacity of a teacher-trainer of Ancient Indian Wisdom & self development.

Dinesh kumar