What are the Deliverables of Upanishadic knowledge to my Life?

What are the Deliverables of Upanishadic knowledge to my Life?

A desire is the strongest lead for a human to dare and accomplish it's as an objective... And a desire at the same time is the greatest enemy of a human when its unmindful flights drain the most purposeful resource of human energies. Seeking to evolve and unravel the true self is a desire cauterized from all negativism, whereas seeking for possessiveness upon the lives of others is a desire stuffed with egoistic demeanor. The former seeking opens the doors of blissfulness whereas the former leads to narrow lanes of dark disharmony. The former brings freedom and potential, whereas the latter accrues to unbearable baggage and ailments.

The Upanishadic light of knowledge relieves the insight from all undesirable justification that juxtaposes appropriate and just. Light of Upanishads gives humans understanding the eventual and ultimate fact of existence... So that all else in the form of obligations, acts, relations, possessions, aspirations, shortcomings, etc. Are viewed in their true perspective. The moment everything around human existence acquires its true stature (through apt perspective) a downsizing happens to the ego, concerns, conflicts from past or at present, disharmonious relationships, etc.

After every session, you come out with an understanding within' "I have unnecessarily inflated all unwarranted around my basic isness... Do really need to take all these tribulations that way"... This inside whisper is enough to give one sight of inner relief. One disbands the baggage alien to one's original nature that seeks joy and harmony.

The benefit of learning Upanishads goes a far more long distance to bring a transformation to the riddled mind towards ease of nerves.

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